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Attempting to navigate the changing world of safety compliance, OSHA regulations and standards is a resource draining and time-consuming challenge for many companies. Systemax Technical Services, a family owned and run company, specializes in ensuring workplace safety through the understanding and implementation of cutting edge compliance processes and products. The Systemax team develops strategies, designs and systems that are customized for each client and their working environment. These installed designs assure safety compliance, promote efficient workflow and encourage employee confidence in the workplace.

Systemax Technical Services has experienced steady growth since our beginnings in 1990. We are sincerely grateful to all our client partners, as this growth is maintained exclusively by word of mouth and client referrals. We have built a reputation on ingenuity and integrity. Our custom designs offer our partners peace of mind, knowing that their workplace meets strict industry leading safety standards and that our advanced processes help enable uninterrupted production.


The best safety solution for all risk areas.


Max Elia. Founder and President

Max Elia has a passion for people, problem-solving and processes. His education at the Argentine National Military Academy offered an inter-disciplinary focus on engineering, physics, and machinery, where he excelled. Recognizing his extensive electrical and mechanical capabilities he was hired at a processing plant in Brooklyn, NY as a Mechanic; he quickly moved through the ranks to become Plant Engineer. He was successful but realized there was still one critical and personal component missing-- people. In 1990, armed with his experience and education, Max was determined to fulfill his true passion and started Systemax Technical Services. The company’s focus was on Machine-Man Interface and the vital need for companies to understand the “How To” of proper workplace safety practices and compliance. His knowledge of business processes, OSHA and ANSI Standards expertise, innovative thinking, and industry leading certification as CMSE® Certified Machinery Safety Expert (TÜV Nord) has helped Systemax Technical Services position itself as the prominent safety guarding and integration company in the United States.

Ennio Chavez. Senior Project Manager.

Ennio’s career began as a Mechanic’s Assistant in a rapidly growing food processing plant on Long Island, NY. He was quickly promoted and began his formal training in Machinery Controls, Electrical System Design, Safety and Project Management. Following another promotion to Process Engineer, Ennio received an Outstanding Performance Award for implementing crucial workplace safety procedures and corporate recognition for successfully upgrading manual line operations to fully automated systems. In 2003 he became Corporate Project Manager where he supervised and coordinated multi-site projects with budgets up to $1,000,000.00. Ennio’s expertise helped drive the company’s cost savings program and international success. This expertise, GMP proficiency, and HACCP Certification, is a true testament to the level of service and competency that Systemax provides its clients.

Achievements Electrical Motor Controls Certification; RS Logics Certifications; HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) Certification

Nicolas de Elia. Sales Executive.

Systemax Technical Services is a family business and Nicolas has been proudly embedded in the business from an early age. His dedication to educating his clients about workplace safety is only matched by his father, Systemax Technical Services’ founder. Nicolas’ education and subsequent professional experience includes expertise in business operations, sales, ethics, strategy and finance. He was recognized for his grass roots approach and relationship building techniques; supporting his team by helping them obtain the capabilities to exceed all of their goals. Nicolas completed OSHA's safety guarding specific training, the OSHA 2045 Machinery and Machine Guarding course. His understanding of business within the Systemax Technical Services industry and outside industries offers him the diverse mindset to help bring Systemax Technical Services into the next generation.

Mayra Fuentes. Senior Accounting.

Prior to securing her position with Systemax Technical Services, Inc., she ran a free - lance bookkeeping service company and owned a travel agency business for 26 years. Mayra’s clerical and administrative assistance is an asset to the Systemax team.

Additional: Married, with two daughters, Mayra a Melville resident of 35 years has proudly been serving her community for the past 15 years volunteering with the Melville Fire Department.

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