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Systemax Technical Services

We provide comprehensive on-site Safety Solutions that mitigate risk of injury and OSHA violations. Our 25 years of experience in Industrial Machinery, Automation and Manufacturing, gives us the ability to produce the best turnkey solutions for all your hazardous areas. From design through integration, Systemax Technical Services is dedicated to maintaining your production levels, bringing you up to ANSI standards and OSHA regulations, and more importantly, keeping your employees safe from harm.


The Systemax Safety Process


Prior to installation, we consult with your Management Team and Machine Operators to ensure the guarding system design is fundamentally safe and allows for normal machine function. Participation of all parties involved is critical to the project's success.


During installation we coordinate with your personnel to keep disruptions to a minimum. Constant communication with your Machine Operators and our Technicians assures smooth transition from unguarded to fully guarded equipment.

Control Integration

Our Control Integrators ensure that all the new wiring meets the appropriate safety category level, taking into consideration redundancy and adequate selection of devices such as Interlock Switches, Presence Sensors and Safety PLCs.

Project Sign Off

Once installation is complete our Certified Machine Safety Expert performs an on-site review to assure safety, quality, and proper installation for sign off by your Management Team. Subsequent periodic risk assessments will ensure the integrity of the system.

Guarding your equipment, your employees and your bottom line

Systemax Technical Services


  • "We have been working with the team at Systemax for over 25 years. They are the group we turn to when productivity and profitability are on the line. Since we began working with them, maintenance related downtime was reduced drastically, and the cost for maintenance parts was reduced by approximately 80%. They excel in their field and are competent, amiable professionals. The equipment they have modified and upgraded works better than it did when new. They keep our machines running so we can focus on running our business."

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  • "Max provides safety upgrades for process equipment, including guarding and/or control upgrades. Max's in depth knowledge of OSHA codes and all commonly used types of control systems allows him to design and implement the quickest, simplest and best value solutions. I personally used Max to provide safety control upgrades on 12 Gral Mixers, one Vector GMX mixer, one VG-200 mixer, and two V-blenders - all with good results."

    Walter Sidorski ― Associate Director Engineering at TEVA Pharmaceuticals

Recent Works

Check out some of our Before & After’s

Project 1
Project 2
Project 3
Project 4
  • Project 1 Before
    Visibility is critical for quality assurance, yet human-machine interaction is minor during normal operating procedures.
  • Project 1 After
    Aluminum and Lexan provided the Machine Operators the best view of the work process, while protecting them from unnecessary harm.
  • Project 2 Before
    Inadequate guarding can cause serious injury and antiquated removable guards may give your management team a false sense of safety.
  • Project 2 After
    Our custom approach and system integration assures we cover all hazardous areas and offers protection against employee Machine Guard removal.
  • Project 3 Before
    Although this printing machine requires total opening for maintenance, it is not required during standard operation
  • Project 3 After
    Folding doors isolated the hazardous area, while offering obstruction free maintenance. One of the many ways we make safety work for you.
  • Project 4 Before
    No machine is alike It can take several products and designs to successfully protect against hazards and allow for normal function.
  • Project 4 After
    Not only are our custom safety designs tailored to your operational needs, they can also drastically renew your machines appearance!